Kiss The Ground

Last night my friend Captain Rodney Smith and I attended the screening of a new and powerful film, produced by and adapted from the book”Kiss The Ground” by Josh and Rebecca Tickell. The movie tells the story of a critical and fast growing movement to (re) educate people on the importance of soil health and the potential of soil to capture carbon and remove it from the atmosphere. I was struck by the connection between projects like Kiss the Ground and the Sister Keys and and how they can contribute to a drawdown of the excess carbon that our waters have absorbed. Healthy mangroves capture more carbon than an equal area of rain forest and the Sister Keys “created” wetlands have acres of new mangroves where none existed a decade ago. These mangroves are now over ten feet tall.

I envision the Sister Keys as a powerful natural “demonstration” area where potential projects might include planting native trees and restoring shellfish all of which capture carbon. You’re participation in making this possible is critical, thank you. For more information on the movie and movement visit